Best Home Based Business Opportunities – Is it Possible to Quit Your Job and Work From Home?

According to a study conducted by Money Magazine – every 11 seconds a person starts a business that allows them to work from the comfort of their home. 20% of such home-based entrepreneurs make something between $100,000 and $500,000 each year. There are so many things that you can do while working comfortably from your home. For instance, you can make and sell handicrafts, write and edit books, or design and modify software. Additionally, there are some more business opportunities that make it possible for you to quit your job and work from your home full-time. Let’s take a look at some of the best home-based business opportunities.
Affiliate Marketing – It is a unique work from home business opportunity where you aggressively market those products and services that are not made or owned by you; someone else is the business owner. Your job is to bring in serious buyers to the owner’s site. Whenever someone visits the site or buys a product through your recommendation, you get the incentive. Thus, you neither have to worry about procuring, storing, packaging and delivering the products nor do you have to be concerned about guarantee and on-site servicing. All you have to do is to market the product properly so as to convince the customer to buy it. The more you work hard, the more money you make.In order to ensure that your affiliate marketing business prospers, you need to select a superlative niche product, which is indispensable to a small group of people. Make sure that there are not too many competitors for the product; otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for you to excel. Once you have selected a product, you have to promote it tenaciously through websites, blogs, forums, classifieds, social networks, and so on. Your profit percentage solely depends upon your marketing efforts.
Pay per Click Advertising – Also known as PPC advertising, this is one of the best home-based business opportunities that allow you to earn money quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are responsible for about 95% of the traffic to your site. The visitors to your site can be divided into 3 categories viz. passersby, causal onlookers and serious buyers. While the first two types of visitors may or may not buy your products, but the third categories of guests have specifically come to your site to buy things that you sell. Through PPC advertising you can bring in highly-targeted visitors to your site and thereby increase the sales as well as profits.The first thing that you need to do is to join a reputed PPC network like Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Adbrite, and the like. In the next step, you should enlist all the keywords that are closely related to the products that you sell. Thereafter, create attention-grabbing advertisements and do remember to insert the selected keywords in the ads. Finally, post the ads on the PPC network. Whenever someone clicks on the PPC ads, he will be taken directly to your website. A small amount of money would be deducted from your PPC account, but in return you will be getting a serious buyer. If the average cost of your PPC campaign is $15 and you are able to generate $30, then your return on investment is certainly commendable.

How Does Technology Support Small Businesses?

Technology is changing rapidly, and small businesses are enjoying access to better software at more affordable prices. Below are just a few of the many ways that today’s technology is supporting small businesses.Software as a ServiceRemember when it used to cost thousands of dollars for business software plus expensive licenses for each user? New software investments also often meant investing in new hardware capable of supporting that software. None of this came cheap, making it hard for business owner to keep up with larger ones with deeper pockets. Today, powerful software is readily available in the cloud “as a service.” Rather than paying huge amounts up front, Software as a Service costs are typically spread out and billed on a much lower per month basis.What types of software can you get as a service? Here are a few popular types of SaaS offerings:. Small business accounting software
. Customer relationship management software
. Content management software
. Asset management software
. Office suites (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
. Email marketing software
. Project management software
. Human resources software
. Team collaboration softwareCloud-based software is accessible via a Web browser, making investments in hardware virtually unheard of. Cloud service providers take care of all maintenance and upgrades, freeing small business owners from having to figure this out on their own or hire an IT tech to do it for them.”As a service” solutions also grow with your small business. You can start out with just a few licenses and then add more (or remove) users as your needs change.Data ArchivingIt’s not just software that now resides in the cloud. Document storage has also moved to the “as a service” model. For example, you’re likely familiar with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. A recent innovation in this space has to do with data retention and archiving.According to Dolphin, SAP Cloud Computing Solutions such as Content Archive Service for Cloud allows small business users to archive data and documents in the cloud for transparent “anytime, anywhere” access (Source: Dolphin, Cloud Storage for SAP Archived Data and Documents). Dolphin’s Content Archive Service for Cloud is a Storage as a Service solution that connects to major public cloud providers like Google Cloud and Amazon S3. Cloud storage allows for cost alignments between SAP storage and the value of your data. For example, data you frequently use can be placed on high performance storage devices whereas data you need to archive but not necessarily access regularly can be placed in a lower-cost cloud storage service — at significant savings.Merchant ServicesCloud-based credit card processing solutions allow small business users to ditch the traditional credit card processing terminal and process transactions online — or even on a smartphone with a small card reader attachment. Not only that, many cloud-based merchant services can be integrated directly within other applications such as billing software or an e-commerce store (Source: Accounting Today, Understanding How Technology Supports Small Business Success).Small businesses now have access to the same enterprise-level applications their larger counterparts use, but without the need for huge upfront expenses. From Software as a Service to data archiving, merchant services, and beyond, cloud-based technologies are changing how businesses operate.Works Cited:Accounting Today, “Understanding How Technology Supports Small Business Success,” –

Home Based Business – Can You Survive Without Taking Action?

How important it is for you to survive in your home based business? Taking action is an important ingredient to your survival in home based business. Develop a sense of urgency to understand all there is to learn in the world of business, work from home online.Action Plan One – Your thought Life:Your thoughts can become the biggest obstacle in preventing you from taking action. People have the tendency to believed that their ideas are better than others. Once you gravitate to this concept then the chances of you taking action on other people’s ideas are slim. Adopt the attitude that no one is an Island all by themselves. Think individually and as a team participant. Identify the positive and negative influences. May sure to develop the positive and move far away as possible from the negative. Think of the many ways you can bring change within the work at home business industry for the better. Become a critical thinker willing to guide others to succeed. Knowledge is achieved by actively listening and learning from others. Make listening a daily exercise to harness knowledge.Action Plan Two- Make wise Decisions:• Know what you want.
• Develop a written and visual roadmap to achieved your work from home business.
• Make decisions within your limitations.
• keep growing by asking questions along the way.
• Good decisions are based on good information
• Information is key never stop gathering information.A wise decision is one that is empowering that will bring positive results. No matter who you are connected with if you ask the right questions you will succeed. Vision is another eliminate in the equation to making a wise decision. We can learned from the good book “without vision the people perish.”Action Plan Three- Be Persuasive:Present your home based business ideas and opportunities in an effective manner that people who have no desire to become a part of this industry will be motivated to consider. Demonstrate trust and integrity in your products and services. Be open to accept suggestions from others as you present your business opportunities. Expect that not all people will buy into your opportunity, however show them respect and move on.Action Plan Four- Develop a Daily Routine:• Make an effort to present your opportunity on a daily basis to your target audience.
• Discipline yourself to promote your business whether you feel like it or not.
• Become proactive in your training process daily.
• Be observant as to what is working for your business and what is not working so you can eliminate dead promotional tools. That is those tools that are not working to bring traffic to your business.There is no doubt that home based businesses are on the rise globally and it will continue to do so in the future. The key to success is taking action there must be some effort on your part in order to succeed.Learn more about home based business opportunities at